Friday, March 02, 2007

Enforced Secret Joy # 30 – Sleeping Babies

Just because I am not a fan of small children doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a cute sleeping baby every once in awhile. Because when they’re sleeping, they’re not crying, which is one of the reasons I dislike small children the most. This one, Fontleroy, doesn’t cry much, didn’t wake up when I was taking these pics of him, and sounds like a dog’s chew toy when he hiccups, which makes me and the rest of my Small Group laugh and laugh. And because it was one of those weeks where I was desperately searching for an Enforced Secret Joy, none were merrily winging my way, so on a Thursday night with the Enforced Secret Joy post due on Friday, this is what you get.

Dear God, thank you for cute sleeping babies. Thank you that I don’t have any, nor do I harbor the desire to have any. Thank you for letting that be okay. Thank you for Fontleroy, and his cute baby cheeks, and his tiny baby nose, and his teensy baby fingers, which I wanted to get a picture of, but I would’ve gotten an accidental boob shot in the way, which probably isn’t a good thing on this blog. Thank you for his patient Mommy, who didn’t question at all why I plopped down next to her, whipped out the camera and started snapping away.

Thank you for sleep. Thank you for comfort. Thank you for security. Thank you that all of us found those things in our mother’s arms at some point, and do find (or will find) them in You. Thank you thank you thank you. Amen.

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