Tuesday, July 09, 2013

This Is What He Was Trying To Tell Me

Almost a month ago, I asked God if there was something He was trying to tell me that I wasn’t getting.  Fifteen minutes later a car hit me and took off.  I could’ve maybe written it as a scene in a script, because it was that kind of timing, the kind that only make sense in movies, no, no, no, those things don’t happen in real life. You’re not praying in the car and then a car hits you.  No, no, no, silly writer. Try injecting some realism into the thing.

Almost a week after the accident, I get another one of those out-of-the-blue phone calls. The kind I got more than once last year, except this year, it wasn’t about a script, it was about a job.

Yes.  A job.  In the same area at the Unnamed Movie Studio I was at in 2009, where I wished I could have stayed, but was passed over.

Now it’s four years later and finally, FINALLY, there’s an opening.  And they want me.  Do I want them?  Well, hell, yes, I do.

Now, I’m pretty sure I could’ve received that out-of-the-blue phone call without a car wreck to get my attention.  I’m pretty sure I would have been just as jubilant, just as thankful, just as incredulous at the sheer luck that I’m going to be making significantly more money than I have been, without the car wreck and the ensuing Dark Night Of The Soul that followed.

The night of the accident, I had written something on my facebook, a throwing down of a verbal gauntlet, that, following the theme of the sermon series at my church, I couldn’t wait to see how God was going to display His glory through my negative bank account status ($1,000 deductible folks, yeah, I know).

And this is how.  He’s going to move me into a new job that pays more money. Yes, it’s more stressful, but that’s usually how it goes with Better Paying Jobs – you gotta work to earn those bucks.

And part of me thinks God’s really just showing off now.  That’s He’s doing the equivalent of a Holy Roller Peacock or something – la la laaaaaaa Look at what I did to your life!  La la laaaaaaa, look how I fixed everything!  I’m super awesome!  You are WELCOME, la la laaaaaaaa.

Kind of like this dude – (wait until 28 seconds in. Frickin’ incredible.)

I was going to be okay no matter what happened, because that’s how much I trust God.  Sure, I do my fair share of bitching and moaning, because I’m Amy The Superbitch and that’s how humans roll. But I was never going to stop believing that God was going to help me somehow.

I just didn’t think it was going to be this soon, this immediate, and this breathtaking.

Thank You, God, thank You, God, thank You, God.

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