Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wanna Pretend You're Jesus And Take A Quiz?t

So I found this quiz the other day, amidst all the other ones that tell you which Disney character you are, and what color your personality is

You answer questions like “Your ideal Biblical residence would be?” or “What kind of clothes do you wear” or “When it comes to taking risks...” and you fill in the blank. And at the end of the quiz, it tells you what Biblical character you are. Or resemble. Or at the very least, answer quizzes in the same manner as.

Well, okay! Let's play indeed!  But of course, these things are so easily manipulated, let's pretend to play as the different Biblical characters that the quiz is designed to tell you you are.  Meaning...

If I answer the quiz, thinking I'm King David – Bang! I get King David! Thank you!  But I also think if you pick the "in a palace" answer to the "Your ideal Biblical residence" question or the "When it comes to taking risks" and you answer "I'm impulsive", you automatically get the express pass to King David land. Yeah, that picture is supposed to be of King David.  Says the quiz.

If I answer the quiz as Moses – I get John The Baptist. There is no “Not Getting Into The Promised Land” option under “What Is Your Greatest Fear,” just so you know.

If I answer the quiz trying to determine which answers Jesus would pick and I hit upon the "What Is Your Greatest Fear"  question. Hmmm, what IS Jesus' greatest fear? There's no “My father abandoning me” option. What is Jesus' greatest fear!? "Committing a sin?"  "Being in the spotlight?"  "My children and loved ones being harmed?"  Jesus doesn't have kids! “Being ignored/forgotten by those who I love?” "that I might die without making a difference?"  "Letting others down?"  "Not having a family?"  These don't sound like anything Jesus would answer.

But how WOULD Jesus answer that question? What's Jesus' greatest fear? When you're the son of God and all? Why isn't there a “can't stand physical pain” option? Because that would totally be Jesus. Isn't that why he was begging God in the Garden of Gethsemane to take the cup of suffering away? Not that he wasn't willing to go through the act of dying for the world, but that he was wondering if there was a less painful option?

And what is Jesus' favorite book of the Bible?  I can't decide between Mark or Luke.  Would Jesus really play favorites when it comes to books of the Bible? Wouldn't he just like them all? Maybe Mark, since he wrote the first book. 

I go through all the questions, doing my very best to answer as Jesus, but the answer returns as John The Baptist again? Really?  

I try again as Jesus, this time answering the question “Which Biblical location would you most like to visit?” with “Bethlehem,” and Mark for my favorite book of the Bible. Now I get Mary. The Mom. Great.

Hey, let's have fun and pretend we're Satan taking the quiz - “In your friendship...” Um, none of these answers are working for me, okay? Satan doesn't have friends! Or does he? Well, that's a fascinating question, isn't it? Do you think Satan have friends? Why isn't THAT a question here? “What's your greatest fear? “That I lose all my power! That I am vanquished by love. - I get to the end of the quiz, and the quiz thinks I'm Adam. HA

If I answer as me, if I run through the whole quiz picking the answers the way I would personally answer them... I get Mary. I wish I could've gotten Jesus, that would've wrapped up the whole post nicely, huh? Heh.

NOTE!  I just found a quiz called "What Kind Of Devil Are You?"  I smell sequel!!!!! :)