Friday, March 23, 2007

Enforced Secret Joy # 33 – Baby Feet

Everyone say hello to Hazel, the newest member of my Small Group. My Small Group is busting out all over. We have anywhere from 1 – 4 of the tiny things running laps around the coffee table and occasionally sneezing on the mixed nut bowl.

I don’t mind babies like this (and this may possibly be the smallest one I’ve seen in real life as opposed to a picture. Hazel is ten days old.) They don’t cry too much, they don’t hit you in the kneecaps, they don’t throw tantrums in department stores, and their mothers are usually nearby to take care of things like Poopy Diapers.

And I was fascinated with Hazel’s toes. (yes, I realize it's my second post in a row devoted to feet. If any of you Gentle Readers happen to be lurking Foot Fetishizers, understand now that it's all a coincedence, and I'll be blogging about elbows next time.) So tiny, using my Albino Hand for comparison, but all TEN (HA! Thanks for the correction, RT!) toes are there. Her face still looks a little squished (though I’m sure she’ll grow into it), but her toes look like they’re supposed to look, just tiny. They are so adorable, that I kinda wanna snip them off and sprinkle them on an ice cream sundae. I know, it sounds gross and Saw-erific , but they're just so cute that I want to eat them up.

Dear God, thank you for baby feet. The little tiny soles, the little tiny toenails, the little tiny toes, the little tiny toeknuckles? Is that a word? You know what I mean God, even if words fail the writer (they're not supposed to, but occasionally they do.) Thank You that Your creation is magnificantly displayed in something so tiny, something that a lot of people don't think about until they see it. Thank you for feet, they take us where we want to go. Thank you that feet grow with us, and thank you for the simple pleasures of a foot massage, even though Hazel doesn't understand it yet, she thought I was Random Crazy Person Who Wouldn't Let Go Of Her Toes. She'll get it later, Lord. Hopefully, we'll ALL get it, whatever IT may be individually for us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amen.


Richard T said...

Um...should we be worried about the fact that Hazel has two extra toes???

They are CUTE, tho'!

Allison said...

Hello, Hazel. :)

So amazing that everything needed to sustain life is there in that little body! I have a hard time looking at babies because that thought always makes me tear up.

(And speaking of feet, check out my "Hobbit Horror" video on my myspace. Yes, they're mine.)