Friday, March 09, 2007

Enforced Secret Joy #31 – The Witch House

In my neighborhood is this cute house that looks like something out of Snow White And The Seven Dwarves. I have therefore dubbed it The Witch House, because The Dwarf House would not make it sound like someone would want to live there (it would also make it sound like it should be three feet high.)

Occasionally I unleash the Amy Brain and let it run wild through Wildest Dreams Land, and on our romps through the grassy meadows and cotton candy clouds I think about what would I do if I did sell, not just one script, but two or three or four scripts, enough to buy a house in Los Angeles. There have been many conversations as I swim through laffy daffy ponds about where could one possibly live in Los Angeles – The beach? What if there’s a tidal wave. The hills? What if there’s an earthquake. Away from people? The drive to get to the events that do have people in them will be a hassle.

But this house, this house seems like it would be just right. So maybe that makes it the Goldilocks house, ha ha ha.

Dear God, thank you for the Witch House. Thank you for its whimsical gingerbread style, in the La La Land of stucco and adobe. Thank you for Wildest Dreams Land, though sometimes I wonder whether that’s sanctioned by You. It seems like Your version of Wildest Dreams Land would be a place where mission workers fed starving children in Africa, or nations sat down and agreed to disarm, and things such as Witch Houses would seem frivolous.

Then I remember that everyone has the right to hope. Hope has to be sanctioned by You. And I hope for a great many different things for my family, my friends, my colleagues I’ve worked with for as little as three months. And in those hopes are plenty of noble things, great dreams, selfless wishes. But I think frivolity has its place. So thank you for this witch house in all its frivolity. I confide in You that I hope to sell four or five scripts, tithe ten percent to you, and THEN buy a place like this. That’s my hope. But you’re in charge of the grand master plan. Thank you for caring about me enough to have a grand master plan for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.

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