Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Everyone Needs A Friend Like Nadine When Running Away From Zombies

So I did the the 5K Run For Your Lives race this past weekend.  It was out at the Glen Helen Speedway in San Bernadino so that made it closer, but it also made it dustier.  With no lake or grass nearby, we were literally running in a desert.  Crawling through pipes that had dirt inside them, we're all coughing and hacking and spitting up crap.

They had said ahead of time that a lot of the obstacles were going to require a team effort, so run with a group of people.  The reality was that maybe 1 or 2 of roughly 12 obstacles were things that you couldn't truly do on your own.  You can climb up a hill on your own. You can step through a rope-criss-crossed bridge on your own.  You can crawl through a tent of dry ice and hanging electrical wires on your own.

So all my hopes of Helping Other People Get Through An Obstacle, like I did last year, was pretty much all for naught.  

So basically, I have no blog entry this week.


I ran the race with my friend Nadine.  Last year, we had a group of about 10 - 12 people.  This year, every last one of them bailed, except me and Nadine.  

Fair enough.  You ran a race, you gave it a shot, you don't wanna do it again, totally cool (and to be fair, one of them who declined to run still attended as a supporter, so there you go)

But I've got Nadine, and Nadine's got me.  I would run past the zombies, and wait for Nadine to catch up, and it all seemed to work out pretty well.  At least, until I rolled my ankle. Which I wouldn't have done, because everyone knows you're not supposed to run down a hill PRECISELY because you can roll an ankle.  But one zombie at the bottom of the hill took offense to the people-who-know-better-than-to-run-down-a-hill-and-are-carefully-walking-down, and charged us.  So we had to run downhill, and it was dirt and uneven terrain and there goes my ankle.

But I'm not gonna puss out about it (stupid zombie, stupid stupid).  We were already in the last third of the course, it didn't hurt badly enough to where I couldn't hop, skip, and jump my way through the rest of the course, using Nadine as ballast where I had to.  The one part where I had trouble was swimming through the tank, because I couldn't kick my foot to properly swim, so I ended up clinging to the side and using upper body strength to get through.

But we both survived with one flag left, dirty, muddy, down an ankle and all.  The zombies could not break us.  They could not take... OUR FREEDOM.

When I was showing the pictures of the race to a co-worker of mine, the first thing he said was "Wow, your friend is just smiling through all of it."

Which is true, most of the pictures, you see me concentrating, plotting, checking out the course ahead and what's the best way to get around the upcoming field of zombies, maybe we should wait until there's more people so we can run in a group, there's safety in numbers, la la la. (nope, still not showing any pictures of me)

And Nadine is simply smiling, going through with a big grin on her face. She's running, she's crawling, she's avoiding zombies by screaming, "Mine!  Get away! Get away!  Mine!" All with the biggest smile on her face.

It's not that I'm not having fun.  I'm just not outwardly expressing it.

So here’s to you, Nadine, and your big big cheery smile.  We all need a friend like you.

(all photos taken by S. Boltjes photography. She's very cool.  Go book her now.)

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