Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Three Resources You Have

So I've been getting a lot of wrong number calls lately, some people think my phone number belongs to a guy named Daniel.  Unclear if Daniel deliberately gave a wrong number to avoid detection, or wasn't really paying attention when he was filling out a form for more information on continuing education.

But these calls have been fairly consistent for the past week, no matter how many times I tell them that there is no Daniel at this number.  If I was a meaner person, I would start deliberately messing with them, "Can I ask who's calling?  Can you tell me why you keep calling me even though I've told you three times there is no Daniel at this number?  When you say Daniel, do you mean Damien?  Is Daniel a code word?  ARE YOU REALLY TRYING TO REACH THE DEVIL?  HE'S NOT HERE!  HE DOESN'T USE PHONES!

And so it was that I was slightly freer than normal this morning when the call came through (from a number I can't call back, of course.)  But this time, it wasn't someone calling for Daniel.  Or even for me.  It was a pre-recording, and it was a woman's voice saying this:

"Never forget the three resources you have: Power,  Prayer,  Forgive."

Oooooooh, there's so many questions I wanna ask now!!!

- Who made the recording?

- How do they choose the numbers to call?

- What is their purpose? Why just hang up after saying the one sentence?  Suppose I don't know how to use the three resources I have?!  Suppose I need guidance?!  You didn't even mention reading my Bible every day!  How do I exploit the three resources I have?

- HEY!  What if this call was meant for Daniel?!  Daniel just totally missed out on a very important call because he wasn't paying attention when he filled out some form!  Now he'll never know he's got three resources of Power, Prayer and Forgive!  And that doesn't even make sense from a language perspective!  Two are nouns and one is a verb!

Man, just when you REALLY wanna talk to some cold caller.  Oh well.  It was at least a giggle.

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