Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Would You Believe That?

I was very grateful that my church did not mention the Rapture That Didn't Happen today. I wonder why more people don't realize that giving these nutjobs - whether threatening to burn a Quran, or buying billboards claiming they know the exact date that the world's gonna end - attention means they don't go away.

I was the Go-To-Christian for a few of my secular friends this week. "Is the world gonna end? Do you really believe that?" Why would I believe that? Why would you think I would believe that? Why is it the fringe element of any major group or institution suddenly becomes the face of that institution based on the amount of publicity they receive?

Because being normal is not interesting. The truth - that nobody knows when the world is ending, we're supposed to live like we're meeting God tomorrow, yet very few people do - is not as interesting as WE'RE ALL DYING AT 6:00PM YESTERDAY! BUT WE'RE STILL HERE! PRAISE GOD! OUR PRAYERS STAYED THE WRATH OF GOD! NOW COME FOLLOW US AND GIVE US MONEY!!!!


In other news, I spruced up the bloggie!

Check it out people! There's a Hall Of Fame Section over on the right hand side, featuring the best of this blog! Now you too can re-live things like Boobgate (I didn't think I was gonna recover from that one), Ginger Puppy, the scary website where you click a button to reject Jesus Christ (I bet they thought the world was ending yesterday) and much much more!!!

Thank you, faithful readers of the blog. I cannot believe we've been here five years and counting. :)

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