Monday, November 26, 2007

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation

You know, I did have a topic in mind to write about, and it had to do with God and everything, but there’s just no way I can slap it together in an hour and upload it to the site and have it be all profound and crap. I’m working on about four hours worth of sleep here, and while I can be amazingly functional on five, four is tough.

So instead, I will do a pictorial of my Thanksgiving holiday.

This is Native Chick’s Maltese dog Olga. I spent a very lovely Thanksgiving at Native Chick’s house with her fam and friends, and begged Olga’s forgiveness that I hit one of her kind a few weeks ago with the car (though props need to be paid. Olga is full breed, while Beau from The Worst Day Ever is a mix.) Olga appeared to grant me forgiveness, even though she doesn’t look like it in this photo. I did get the tiniest of puppy licks on the knuckles, so I’m taking that as absolution.

This is Olga’s stepsister Margo (same mom, possibly different dads.) Margo also appeared to grant me forgiveness for hitting a Maltese mix and breaking its leg a few weeks ago (she may not be so forgiving of the Grandma holding her, though, hee hee hee.)

This is the first thing I saw when I leaned over the bed every day of the Thanksgiving holiday. Ginger Puppy insists on being as close to me as possible, and she’s not allowed on the furniture, so she would position herself on the floor, right where I might step on her in getting out of bed (she’s half under the nightstand there.) I never did step on her though, which I consider something of a miracle.

And this was how I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon, in the backyard with Mojitos and Ginger Puppy in her own patch of sun. (Basil The Diva Dog didn’t want his picture taken.) I discovered mint sugar especially for Mojito making in the liquor cabinet, and I totally went overboard. If there had been any ice cream in the freezer, I would’ve sprinkled it on that too and died from a sugar coma, so I guess it’s a good thing there wasn’t any.

And now my lovely Thanksgiving holiday is over and it is SO hard to come back to regular life. But I shall try, with a hopefully profound and coherent piece next week.

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Carlen said...

Cute dogs and mint sugar - now that's a good, if not profound, entry. Love it.