Friday, June 15, 2007

Enforced Secret Joy #43 – The Chihuahua Puppy Hanging Out On My Block

I was walking home from my morning gym workout. I was feeling very accomplished with myself, for making it to the gym in the first place, that I walked there, that I survived the Bodyworks class, thanks to my 400 crunches a day ab workout (my triceps, on the other hand, need help. I swear, Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 really wrecked the normal upper body image for women everywhere. We’ll never recover.)

And I’m in a chipper mood, chatting with God every step of the way, and then I see this lil’ dewdrop of adorable fluff. So I have to run grab my camera and document the moment.

Dunno if it’s a girl or guy puppy, don’t even know if it’s a puppy. Don’t know what its name is, but I’m saying it’s a girl, and I’m saying her name is Buttercup. Because she looks like a Buttercup, and Princess Bride is the only movie I like that proves definitively that I am a chick. She belongs to the construction workers working on the house, and they staked her Extend-A-Leash to the ground with a screwdriver, which is pretty ingenious.

She’s got plenty of room to run around and play hide and seek with me and the tree. And she was skittish at first, but I won her over, because I am Amy The Dog Whisperer. And because I didn’t try to pick her up. I’m pretty sure that would’ve scotched the whole deal.

Dear God, thank you for Buttercup (or whatever her real name is). Thank you for her golden brown color, thank you for her floppy ears, and her velvet muzzle. Thank you for the little tiny things you like to surprise me with on a daily basis. Please let me continue to have open eyes and an open heart to appreciate them. Yeah, that’s about it. When it comes to cute puppies, does anything else really need to be said? I think not. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.

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