Friday, April 13, 2007

Enforced Secret Joy #36 – The Orchids in the Lobby

The Temp Agency has funneled me to the very same Pay TV/Pay Per View division that I turned down a regular job at, because I said here that I didn’t have to settle. This assignment isn’t settling per se, it’s a month long, which is good (steady income) and bad (so boring I want to sandpaper my elbows for any kind of new experience.)

But there is one lovely thing about it, and that is the orchid plants that greet me in the lobby every day I arrive to take the elevator up to Hell – The Boring Circle.

The first time I saw these things I thought they were fake. Most times I see orchids they’re either fake, or they’re in the process of dying. Roomie Jekyll, in particular, has single handedly killed at least two on her own (she thought she didn’t have to water them. She probably thought they were fake.)

But no, these are indeed real. There’s some crazy miniature detail going on up close, the kind that makes you think they have to be fake, because there’s no real nature-like reason for this kind of intricacy. Yes, you can claim Natural Selection has prompted these plants to grow this kind of complexity so they will attract the birds and bees that’ll pollinate them and blah blah blah. Fi on that, I say. Because the maroon brush strokes would’ve been enough. The yellow pollen buds with maroon speckles would’ve been enough. And that ever so delicate tendril curling back in on itself would’ve been enough. But to put ALL of those things together on one single plant defies the law of Attraction/Pollination. It has to be God.

Dear God, thank you for the orchids in the lobby. Thank you that they’re real, thank you for their amazing beauty. Thank you for being a God that cares enough to provide a month long assignment for me (even if it’s a job I’d rather yack my liver out than do full time), as well as being a God who takes the time to clothe these orchid petals with jaw-dropping features. Nothing is overlooked in Your sight, God. From the earth, to the air, to the ground, to my scuffed up boots to these feather like petals. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.

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