Friday, October 27, 2006

Enforced Secret Joy #19 – Simon Redux!

Once again, I have Simon, the most mellow dog in the world for the weekend. But this time, Simon is running the show. Because he kept doing laps up and down the hallway in until I finally clued in to the fact that he wanted to go on a walk. I’ve only dogsat for him once before, and never the fact that I’m desperately trying to work on an outline for a project that’s due next Wednesday, Simon has locked into the equation in his brain that Amy The Writer = Walkies! Amy The Walkies Writer! YAY!

So off we head to the Tar Pits. I have never seen a dog look happier than Simon does on a walkies. He completely throws off the mellow persona, though, and a lot of the walkies time is spent trying to get him to stop sniffing that patch of grass, stop eating that flower, and could you PLEASE stop peeing on everything we come across.

Nope, nope, Simon is a male dog, and that means peeing on every stationary object he sees.

Light pole.



The only thing he didn’t pee on was Scarlett, the other dog who lives on the street, and I’m sure the only thing stopping him was the fact she didn’t stay still long enough for him to get his pee on.

His stream ran out after the first lamp post, but that doesn’t stop him from going through the motions, and even though this Phantom Pee Routine bugged me the first time around, I find a bit of quixotic joy in it the second time. Yeah, doggie! Pee on everything! Just TRY! You got nothing! Go for it anyway! Why not! Get your happy on and PEEEEEE!

Dear God, thank you for Simon. Thank you for the opportunity to dogsit for him this weekend. Thank you for him dragging me away from the computer to go on Walkies. Thank you for his Phantom Pee Routine, because now I find it funny instead of annoying. Okay, maybe a bit annoying. But still pretty silly. Thank you for silly.

Oh, and thank you for his Pink Puppy Paw Pads, and the fact that I remembered to document them this time. Thank you, thank you thank you. Amen.

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Midlife Virgin said...

And thank you for sharing Simon with us!