Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don’t Forget To Charge Your Batteries

Here’s a list of the things I missed getting a picture of because my camera batteries weren’t charged:

1.The rain yesterday. I’m housesitting Basil Diva Dog and Ginger Puppy, and Ginger Puppy does not like the sound of rain, and squarely situated herself under the desk alcove by my feet for most of the day.

Until the power went out! For five hours! That idea to wait to heat the left over pizza is looking pretty stupid now!

Drains were flooded, water was collecting on the garage roof, and trying to find a waterproof jacket and boots to go stomping out there to clean things up, all without the benefit of flashlights (which I couldn’t find because, hello, really dark inside the house) was amusing. I text Albert and Abbot the situation, and they call me from on top of a mountain in Aspen to tell me where the flashlights are, and that the gardener is coming to help unclog the drains. The fact that I’m taking this call while outside IN the rain, dressed in a puffy rainjacket that makes me look like the Michelin man, in boots that are way too big for me, is hilarious. I did manage to unclog two drains all by myself, and got quickly back inside and into dry clothes before my health is compromised. Yay me! Amy The Unclogger Of Drains! Basil Diva Dog and Ginger Puppy didn’t even bat an eye. I think they prefer it when it’s cold, heh.

2. My Coldstone Creamery ice cream! I got it today, at the one near work! Guy behind the counter took the Red Cross coupon and didn’t bat an eye! I think he upgraded me to the larger size for free, too!

3. Ginger Puppy mauling her new stuffed teddy bear toy. It’s hilarious to see the stuffed teddy bear’s smiling face when it’s scrunched in her jaws.

The camera batteries are merrily charging away. The drains are cleaned, and survived the second bout of rain today. And the bear is not all the way mauled, so I will attempt to get a picture for next time.

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