Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Pause For Positive Bleeding

In the midst of swirling chaos that I still can’t talk about, (but boy howdy, does it still suck the very life out of me.) let’s pause for a moment to talk about my third Blood Drive.

Because I went from 8 people to 34 sign ups by the time the Blood Drive happened this past Sunday. Filter out the no shows, the bounceouts, add in the walk ups, and the Red Cross collected 31 useable units. We beat last September’s Blood Drive by 1 unit.

And guess who that 1 unit was?

Guess who beat the evil Hemoglobin Machine of Death with a resounding 13.8?

Guess who filled up the pint bag of blood in a record time of 6 minutes flat?

Guess who made all the nurses laugh with her unmatched enthusiasm for puncturing veins and bleeding into bags, all in the name of Christian Love For Those Who Need Blood More Than Me While Challenging My Fear Of Needles At The Same Time?


Of course I crashed hard a few hours later, and had to leave my show at intermission to get some much needed sleep. But let’s focus on the positive side.

Six minutes, people. Some folks were on that table with a needle in their arm for twenty minutes, and I bounced in and out in six minutes.

THAT’S how much I hate needles, ha ha ha.

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aartilla the fun said...

WOW! well done! had i known, i would have donated some too! or at least, i'd like to think that i would have. i've never done it.

how does one generate some lightning speed blood donation? well done! what a gift you are!!!

i hope that the Big Change (hmm, that sounds like menopause doesn't it. hmm, guess that's why i'm not the Writer) comes with a big dose of strength and wisdom, hon.