Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fighting the forces of EVIL

Why should I type about how the weekend went when I can let the pictures do it for me, with slight commentary, eh?

We were in Orlando, celebrating Bug’s fifth birthday. Silly me, I thought this weekend was going to be relaxing. Instead, we were fighting the forces of EVIL. For as you will see, Bug has been possessed by a demon, and it was only by the grace of God we got out with our LIVES.

Here she is before the madness took old, a happy little now five year old.

And here she is, trying to choke the Big Fat Beagle Rolo.

(Rolo herself looks strangely like Brer Fox from Song Of The South.

Maybe Bug is getting messages from her toys. Here, we see a Satanic Snow White. Her red eyes give everything away.

When we told the other toys (who collectively look like a group of wanna-be Heathers) there was a demon in their midst, they promptly formed a prayer circle and chanted “In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you OUT SATAN!” It worked so well it took out a topiary Minnie Mouse and Jasmine from Aladdin.

But we weren’t taking any chances, and decided to get Bug cleansed by resort pool (featuring subliminal restorative powers!) She seemed to sense what was up, and tried to lean away.

Then she tried to kick God out of the water.

Finally she submitted, (though she thought she was standing on a water spout.)

Her final act of defiance was to turn into Wonder Woman (via a costume supplied by me for her birthday)

But at last, salvation appeared in the form of alcohol. And she’s all better now. HA!


Kym said...

i find much truth in this tale.

Midlife Virgin said...

I love your evil Bug niece!