Friday, May 18, 2007

Enforced Secret Joy #40 – Cocktail Hour On the Housesitting Guest House Roof

As soon as I came back from Orlando, I jumped in the car and drove up to Basil and Ginger Puppy’s house for a week long housesitting gig. There’s been massive amounts of construction in the backyard as they’ve put in a pool, a hottub, a guesthouse, and a puzzling statue of a giant abstract bunny.

So every day this week Basil, Ginger Puppy, and myself have had cocktail hour on the guesthouse roof when I get home from work. It’s been nonalcoholic so far – a pudding up here, a Diet Coke there – ‘cause the dogs are trying to cut back. HA!

But it’s been lovely to take thirty to forty minutes out of the day to simply look out over this part of Los Angeles and talk to God. Or attempt to. More on that later.

Dear God thank you for this life. Thank you for this generous opportunity that I have with Basil and Ginger Puppy and the housesitting house. Thank you that it is possible to create space in the day to sit (well stand) and think. No matter how crazy life gets, you help me create space for myself. Thank you for giving me discipline, thank you for giving me dedication. Thank you for helping me give myself space. Thank you for helping me give myself THIS space. Thank you thank you thank you. Amen.

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SodaJerk said...

You know, not many people comment on your blog but I know of at least two people (one of them is me) that read often. So, thank you for posting frequently.