Friday, September 01, 2006

Enforced Secret Joy #13 – Massacring Famous Poems

(apologies, Joyce Kilmer )

I think that I shall never be
This joyous and carefree

As this pup, who dared to leap
Upon my bed, whilst I did not sleep

Camera in hand, I captured flight
Of crazed canine, in midst of night

Flattened ears! Eyes bug wide!
Jaw half open (More streamlined!)

Look not at dumbbell doorstop, nor laundry cart
Gaze upon Lewis, for whom leaping is an art

Precious moment, I treasure thee so
For after two seconds, Lewis did leaping go.

(back to the living room, such an ADD dog.)

Dear God, thank you for Lewis. Thank you for my digital camera, for the fact that I’m able to take these kind of shots even though I don’t know how to work half the bells and whistles on there.

Thank you for Roomie Jekyll, who’s just out of frame and beckoning Lewis to come barreling down the hall like a maniacal canine killer. Thank you for the phrase “Maniacal canine killer,” and the fact that I can forever wrest that description from Cujo , Man’s Best Friend , any other killer dog movie I may have forgotten, all thanks to this brilliant shot.

Thank you for laughter, the type that convulses you so thoroughly that you can’t breathe for a good five minutes afterwards. It’s a great ab workout. It’s an Enforced Secret Joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.

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Midlife Virgin said...

What a great joy to have - enforced secret joy or not!