Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday! My berfday, as we used to call it in college. I! That's right, I'm SIX years old today. Dear God, I know we're not supposed to lie about anything, but, well, this is Los Angeles, here, and women are judged by a double standard when it comes to age. If I tell everyone I'm really seven, I'll never sell a script, as that's considered ancient by Hollywood standards. Please let me get away with this one. Thank you. Love, Amy The Writer

My parents have started this great tradition where instead of anniversary or any kind of holiday card, they both go to the Hallmark store, browse around the cards, find the one they want to give to the other person and say "I would have gotten you this." "Aw, thanks! I would've gotten you this one!" Then they read it smile, hug, and leave the store. Which I think is awesome.

So if I WAS going to have a cake, it would be this one, from Coldstone Creamery. I believe it's called Cookie Dough Overload, yum yum. Actually, I would have gotten a slice of Sweet Lady Jane's White Chocolate Mousse Cake, but they didn't have a good picture on their website.

Anyhow, please wish me a very happy birthday. I'm on my way to Disneyland! Literally! I shall be scouting for the presence of God while standing in monster line infested by Spring Breakers. I'm sure if God is around, he'd be in the Happiest Place On Earth, right? Ha ha ha.


Lauren said...

happy birthday!

Midlife Virgin said...

Happy birthday! You should enjoy some cake! Hope you at least caught a glimpse of God behind Mickey Mouse.

Anonymous said...


I gottah surgar rush & orgasm at the same time from looking at that cake. Good choice, Girl!

Have fun w/Micky today and don't forget to ride Mr.Toad's wild ride. That will make you truly six again. Did you know he goes to hell at the end of the ride? If you are searching for God at Disneyland maybe that isn't the ride to go on. hmmm decisions, decisions.

LA thomas

Anonymous said...

happy berfday! darn it, my annual disneyland passport has expired. would've liked to have joined you.