Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another One

I was walking to my Apologetics class on Saturday, and I noticed these two teenage boys on the sidewalk lingering for what appeared to be no reason but as soon as I came around the car to get on the sidewalk, I figured it out. There was the tiniest tiny tiny teacup Chihuahua puppy running down the street. It obviously belonged to the two guys.

I’ve never seen a tinier puppy in my life. It looked like it weighed about eight ounces, tops. It could almost fit in one hand. And it was a newborn, like maybe three weeks old. If you could imagine brown rabbit ears on top of a brown tennis ball on top of a kidney bean with cocktail weenies for legs, you’d be close to what the puppy looked like.It kinda looks like this dog, but I think it was actually smaller.

And the puppy is running to keep up, as fast as its cocktail weenie legs would carry it, which, is not far at all. I swear, you could accidentally kick the thing, because you’d think it’s a discarded stuffed chew toy for a normal sized dog or something. But then you’d go straight to hell.

So I got on the sidewalk behind the puppy, and within two seconds, I’m next to it. This concerns the puppy, because it doesn’t know who the hell I am. And it starts to make little whimpering noises that only an eight ounce Chihuahua puppy can make, as it’s trying trying trying trying so hard to keep up to its owners, the two Latino teenage boys (who look like the last people in the world you would think would own a dog like this)

And I have to fight an impossible urge to not scoop the dog up with one hand and carry it the rest of the way. So I kinda slow down and walk beside the puppy for a few moments, then look up and tell the guys “You just wanna pick him up, huh.”

And they smile at me, and one of them says, “But he’s gotta learn.”

And thus, another metaphor was born. At this point, you can fill in the blanks yourself.

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Richard T said...

Wow. Really delightful!