Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mom is not a technological ninny

My mother would like it to be known that yes, she did make it to the blog, and yes, she saw the ballerina picture, and yes, she did read the metaphor that she sponsored. She neglected to mention if someone indeed tipped her off, or whether God whispered in her ear Psst. Your daughter is making short jokes about you on cyberspace. It can't be her other daughter, my sister, who's only slightly taller than her. (love ya Agatha! Don't mean it at all!) No, no, it must be me.

Mom reports, "Yes, I think God was with all of us that day (like every day) with Bunny in the water sustaining her strength in swimming, me in the boat (I think it was a tow boat rather than a canoe 'cause that is a more stable boat (I do remember a lot about small boats from those camping days) And God was with the counselors - yes there were two -- who had encouraged Bunny's swim abilities and were encouraging her (not too loudly because no one was to distract the swimmer)"

So there ya go. Obviously, the overuse of parentheses is an inherited trait.

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