Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jesus Never Had A Runny Nose

Here are a few things that Jesus never had to deal with in his lifetime:

Sinus infections

Chapped lips and cracked nostrils from cold weather and sinus infections

Clogged ears

Flu symptoms

Anxiety attacks because you can’t tell if it’s the flu or a sinus infection

You know how I was driving around and blessing everyone from my car? Yeah, I’m getting it all back now with my sneezing and the hail of “Bless yous!” that follow. Funny in retrospect I guess.

If I could tear my nose off my face, I’d be such a happy camper.



Midlife Virgin said...

But it's such a cute nose!

Yummyteece said...

suddenly i have this song in my head:

"this is the nose
(this is the nose)
that the Lord hath made
(that the Lord hath made)
Let us rejoice
(let us rejoice)
and have snot in it
(and have snot in it)."

(hey, not every comment can be insightful and witty)