Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Cookie Monster Moderation

I’ve got Flora’s wedding coming up in September, and I’m again pondering another month long alcohol fast.  What can I say, it’s like childbirth, I don’t remember how painful the last time was.  That will be the closest I ever get to kids, FYI.

I’m trying to give myself leeway, by saying I’m only giving up alcohol, not sugar, so I don’t kill people with my snarly self like I almost did last time.  Though I wouldn’t be surprised if my contrary nature pushes me to give up sugar anyway. 

But right now, the plan is to nix alcohol for a month 8/21 – 9/21.  And I’m not sure why, other than it seems to be a good idea to at least TRY.  But why try?  You already proved you could do it. You already know it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference pound wise or appearance wise.  What’s the point?  WHAT’S THE POINT, WOMAN!?

I don’t have a good point, other some vague notion of trying to be healthy before a wedding where it’s all about indulgence, and it’s nice to practice self control and moderation.

And as I’m debating these thoughts, Cookie Monster came out with a new video today:

Side note – that lamb rocking out at 1:06, and the tiger busting the moves at 1:55 make the whole damn video.

It’s not nearly as lyrically clever as what he did last year with “Share It, Maybe” his take on the Carly Rae Jepsen song.

But when you take these videos together with the “Cookie Is A Sometimes Food” video (easily the most boring of the bunch)...

... It seems the good folks at Sesame Street are trying to refashion Cookie Monster, the longtime blue furry symbol of gluttony, into a bastion of moderation.  Which makes no sense.  Like seeing him with legs in the “But Me Wait” video.  Something is just a bit… OFF, when Cookie Monster suddenly has legs.  Is THIS what happens when Cookie Monster slows down and eats cookies in moderation?  A side effect of LEGS!?

You know the world is upside down when Cookie Monster is saying wait to eat the cookie, and I’m pondering another fast from alcohol.

We’re both gluttons for punishment spun as moderation, apparently.

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