Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free Tract Society For You!

It was a grocery store parking lot in Glendale, but they’ve found me again!

Today’s religious tract left under my windshield is brought to you by the Free Tract Society, who have a website here that doesn’t do much and a facebook page where, among other things, they lament that Obama won re-election here.

Just a single page, double sided.  The first page lists famous bible verses where the overarching theme is CHRIST DIED for us and our sins.

The second page is  KEEP THESE THOUGHTS BEFORE YOU AND REMEMBER, and it’s a run down of standard stuff like “Salvation is free” and “Every Blessing you enjoy in the life, even the air you breathe, comes from God.”  Sure, there’s a tiny bit of “God is just and sin must be punished,” but I’d say the bulk of it is refreshingly free from pointed fingers about how you’re a bad person in need of redemption.  They’re not trying to scare you at all (they’re gonna let their facebook page do that, I guess) and that’s a good thing.

At the end of the second page, is ACCEPT CHRIST NOW.  And yet doesn’t go on to say how you do that.  Doesn’t list a website, doesn’t list a phone number.  The address is a PO Box, nobody’s going there in need of revival.

So I’d have to say that Free Tract Society kinda drops the ball there – why tell me all these things and then not tell me how to accept Jesus.  Maybe they ran out of room on their double sided tract, and figured it was more important to end with ACCEPT CHRIST NOW as opposed to AND HERE’S HOW YOU DO IT!

I think what cracks me up more than anything else is the idea of the Free Tract Society person going around, slipping these under the windshield, and then patting themselves on the back.  I did a good thing today!  I put Free Tract For Jesus under car windshields!  Maybe people will come to Christ because of me!  I won’t follow up on my good deed, so I have no idea what effect I had at all, but I did a good deed!  I did a good deed!  God loves me and the good deed I did!

Yep.  It’s awesome, all right.

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