Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I was at Comic Con and the biggest thing I geeked out over...

Was the blood drive the Red Cross was hosting across from the convention center.

YOU GUYS!  I haven't passed the Red Hemoglobin Machine O Death in, like, at least a year!  And I passed this time!  Wasn't taking iron pills, wasn't loading up on my broccoli, and I passed by one tenth of a point!  I let out a huge WHOOP WHOOP, and the nurses thought I was weird, and whatEVER.

Then over to the chair to fill up the bag.  When they got the needle in, and things started going, the nurse looks at it and says, "Mmmm, probably 15 minutes or so,"  thinking that's how long it was going to take based on the rate of how fast I was filling it up.  "Oh, ho ho,"  I say, "I'll tell the veins to get a move on,"

And more squeezing of the squeezy blood drop thing they gave me and BAM!  I filled up the bag in 4 minutes and 57 seconds!  HELL YEAH!  WHEN I TELL MY BODY TO BLEED, IT GETS A MOVE ON, IT DOES!

Man, I am SUCH a nerd.

Ha ha ha.

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Patty Jean said...

They looked me like I was a weirdo too. BUT I WAS SO EXCITED! And it way faster than I thought, too. :D We're BloodNerds!