Monday, April 09, 2012

Freaking Out

And I'd LIKE to talk about why, but I learned that lesson last year with the Golden Gymnast Gecko that's not such a good idea.

But these pictures of Daffy Duck from Duck Amuck give an accurate opinion of my headspace.

I love Daffy. When I was a kid, I thought Daffy was obnoxious and loud and I wanted to be cool Bugs Bunny.

But now as an adult, I recognize and appreciate how Daffy lets all of his raging anger and frustration and anxiety out in spectacular bursts of emotion. Daffy don't care who sees. Daffy is pissed off, and has got to let it out.

And while I feel like I've progressed to the point where I actually don't have the energy to physically freak out the way Daffy does. Watching him freak out in Duck Amuck, or even staring at these lovely screen captures, makes me feel slightly better.

Yes, there's a story here people. And if we're all lucky, I can tell it in about a month or two...

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