Monday, February 21, 2011

Berlin The Griffith Park Bear

This is Berlin, the Griffith Park Bear. Doesn’t he look so sporty and jaunty?

His mother city donated the statue to the city of Los Angeles at some point in the past (internet research strangely cannot determine an exact date.) And he stands by the Fern Dell entrance to Griffith Park.
I drive past him most every day, and since the beginning of the year, a mystery group has taken it upon themselves to crochet him a new outfit every few weeks or so. This is what he’s been sporting for Valentine’s Day, and other people have been adding details to it, like his sparkly heart necklace.

It’s the kind of thing that renews your faith in the simple quirky details of life. That not all Los Angelos are bitter, manipulative, tragically hip and/or Chronic Users Of People.

Some of them just wanna dress up a bear statue. Because it’s adorable.

I can’t wait to see him dolled up for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

There’s a website devoted to his sartorial choices here:

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