Monday, June 07, 2010

Join Amy’s Dance Party Part 2

When I got nothing to say...I dance.

(or in reality, if I have nothing constructive to say except bitching and whining...I dance.)

And I'm a moody little beeyotch, so here's some moody songs for you to mope and sway to:

The Submarines "Brightest Hour (Morgan Page Remix.)"

Yeah, I heard this one on an episode of The Vampire Diaries, so WHAT. If you make fun of me, I'll totally cut you. :)

Arcade Fire's new one "The Suburbs." You get to this end of this one, with the repeated lyrics "We're still screaming" and it's another song that would play over the end credits of a movie I will one day write (or maybe I already have, and will one day be produced.)

An oldie but goodie: Mew's "Comforting Sounds." I saw a comment, "It's worth it if you're patient." HEE! They mean specifically 4:22 minutes in. Totally worth it if you start there and listen to the build. Another song to make life changing decisions to (but only if you keep with the build.)

And finally, one for friend o' the blog, Spunkieselkie: Michael Hutchence's "Rooms For The Memory." Love ya, Spunkie!

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Anonymous said...

whooooo! I've gotten a friend-of-the-blog shout-out! *dancing even though tuckered from Amy's Dance Party P2*

Favorite moment? Gotta be the dramatic hair toss at the graveside - right when the drums start. Ah, Dogs In Space ----I wish I could get your soundtrack on CD. *Sigh* That sdtrk is where I first heard and fell in lovesy, deep, abiding lovesy, with Mr. Nick Cave. *starry-eyed-fan-girl-blinking-and-hand-clasping-under-chin*

Also, perhaps, indirectly responsible for my hot pursuit of hawt Aussie-Mate.

fun times! thanks for the trip down the proverbial mems lane.
(the FoftheBlog Formerly known as Spunkieselkie)