Monday, April 12, 2010

Join Amy’s Dance Party

I’m not getting any writing done at the Shabby Shack, I’m dancing to these songs. I love grooving around, I gotta go find a club to get my groove on again

When it rains great music, it pours. The hilarious part is that a lot of these songs are already old, but I’m just now figuring them out.

(You don't have to watch the videos, it's the music that's important than the visuals.)

This one I heard from the DJ who plays outside our church on Sunday mornings. That’s right. We’ve got a DJ now. He’s playing some awesome stuff.

He also played a band called Paper Route. I thought the song he was playing was interesting, but not as awesome as this song, which I found when I went home to look ‘em up. I'm SO in love with this song right now.

My awesome friend Fauna runs her own music site,, and she’s got the best taste in music. She featured this song last week, which sounds exactly like the type of song that would play over the credits of a movie I’d write, where the lead character has just made a huge life changing decision and is going off into the horizon to make it happen.

Awright, awright, you guys stay and listen to this stuff. I gotta get back to rewriting.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music links - always nice to hear new stuff. I love MGMT's Time to Pretend (talk about something old....) but if you haven't heard it - give it a listen.