Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sorry about the no post last week. I had a birthday, I deserve a week off as much as anyone.

Does everyone remember when I was getting hassled by homeless people wanting money here and here? I got accosted again as soon as I stepped out of my car on Tuesday night.

I was going to the Target on La Brea, and not two seconds after I’ve stepped out of my car, a guy comes up to me, claiming that he’s lost his wallet and he needs $4.50 to get on the bus to get back to Venice. He’s carrying target bags, he seems appropriately shocked that his wallet is gone. He says the last three people he asked didn’t speak English, the person before that gave him a penny. The story is going on so long that it’s verging on being fake. But I’ll feel like a cold heartless bitch, if I listen to him for this long and not give him anything. So I give him $4.50, though that seems a bit pricy for a bus trip, but maybe he’s gotta change lines or something.

I watch him walk away thinking to myself I want to believe in the goodness of people. I do. I do. I want to believe this guy really is heading towards the bus stop, that he’s not going to head into the Starbucks and get a latte.

I want to believe in the goodness of people. I do. I do.

Just then, another guy comes up to me, asking me for money. “Sorry, I gave my money to that guy,” “I know, I saw.” He says grinning. Part of me wants to say why do you think I’d give you money, dumbass? But I don’t, I just walk away from him.

I want to believe in the goodness of people. I do. I do.

As I’m going through the Target aisles, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m the dumbass, because I fell for the sob story. I should’ve tailed the guy, and if it turns out he did just go to Starbucks, I would’ve shamed the hell out of him. But what good does that do? Shaming someone? You can’t inflict shame on someone, it’s something that they have feel on their own.

After I’m done at Target, I swing by the Starbucks, he’s not there. He’s not at the bus stop either. Maybe he got on the bus already. I’ll never see that guy again, and I’ll never know if he was conning me or not.

I want to believe in the goodness of people. I do. I do.

I wish they’d stop asking me for money, though.

I went to give blood at a Red Cross Blood Drive today, and as I was waiting for my turn, I had a woman sitting next to me. She says she got bounced because of low iron, and is waiting for her husband. She asks me why I’m donating, and I give my standard spiel about how I’ve not had personal experience, like I was in an accident and needed blood, but I do it because it’s ridiculously easy, there’s a serious need for it, and I have no good reason not to do it. She says that’s really admirable, as she does it because she’s one of those mothers who lost a lot of blood in childbirth, needed a transfusion, and now wants to pass it on. She seems to be in awe that I do it just because.

It’s nothing to be in awe of, though. It’s ridiculously easy. It’d be something to be in awe of if you had to run a marathon first, or solve Algebra problems first. But you don’t, all you have to do is lie back and bleed. It requires ZERO skill, ZERO energy. More people need to do it.

What it does require, though, is an iron count of 12.5. Which sadly, I did not reach today. 11.1 in one hand, 11.7 in another. I got bounced. Annoying, since I ate a mountain of broccoli yesterday, and have been taking iron pills like a good little slightly anemic girl should. I wonder if it’s the machine, heh.

I was sad. The nurses even recognized me from my numerous appearances at other blood drives, and they were sad for me.

I’m nothing to be in awe of. I would’ve told that woman outside, but she was gone when I got back outside.

Lest we end the post on a downer note, here are some flower pics!

My roses are on another blooming binge.

There’s all sorts of wisteria and jasmine around the main house, and they’re really pretty, and smell nice,

though I usually sneeze right after. Heh.

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