Monday, April 06, 2009


I’ve accomplished the two writing goals I set for myself for the month of March (two outlines), yay me. And there’s the pull about Do I Go Back To The Temp Agency Already or Do I Take Another Month Off To Write Those Outlines Into Scripts.

The smart money would say go ahead and sign up with the temp agency, because it may take a while for them to get going with me, as they may be under a flood of new applications, given how every new Los Angeles morning brings another 300 people out of work (I made that number up.)

But I do have a history of getting placed fairly quickly every time I pull the Temp Agency lever, and I have to say, I do like this time of getting caught up with the writing. The bank account is more than solvent, and I’m just now getting the unemployment checks, so there’s not a financial crunch motivating me. It’s times like these that I could use some clear direction from God about What Do I Do Next, and I worry that God’s just volleying the question back to me, What Do You Want To Do? I WANT YOU TO TALK TO ME, GOD! THANKS FOR THAT!

But one good thing that I’m able to do with the time off is help out my peeps in need. My best buddy needed me to help him out with his dogsitting gig, as he had a temp job in Culver City, so twice now, I’ve found myself in South Pasadena, daysitting the most adorable puff fluffles named Pee Wee and Two Bits (obviously not their real names.)

They are cockapoo puppies, about a year and a half old, and they adore people. And they are so small you can hold them up with one hand, see?

I know it looks like they’re big (or at least have a big head), but you can see my ONE HAND underneath him, holding them up. Pee Wee is actually smaller, and managed to squeeze herself on my lap even though the computer was already there. She wanted to rest her head on the keyboard, but then my script starting saying things like

So I had to put a stop to that.

Pee Wee and Two Bits are sister and brother, and they’ve never ever been apart, they don’t want to be apart, apparently when they went to the vet, the vet observed them all day and then pronounced judgment about how they CAN’T be apart, so fierce is their sibling bond. I’ve never seen two related dogs love each other that much. I had Ernie and Bert as cocker spaniel sisters growing up, and they hated each other at times.

This is how close they are – they sleep like this. Isn’t that the most adorable thing you’ve seen in like, a week?

I totally want that. I want a snugglebuddy. This is what every chick dreams of, by the way. You can be fairly awful in bed, and if you will be a snugglebuddy with a girl afterwards, it covers a whole multitude of sins (smooth her hair back, kiss her forehead, and whisper how everything’s gonna be alright while you’re at it.)

But even taking it out of the secular realm for a moment. I want to feel that close to God. I want God to be my snugglebuddy. Just look at these two puppies. Doesn’t it look like Two Bits is going to totally protect Pee Wee, even though they’re both fast asleep? You know Pee Wee wouldn’t be able to sleep at all if Two Bits wasn’t at her side. Why do these puppies have that kind of closeness when God always feels so remote to me?

Um, because you’re not a dog?

Yeah, right.

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